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Above are examples of the 3D plots available in SRIM-2013

For examples of 3D plots of target DAMAGE, Click Here

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SRIM-2008 is about 10 MB 

SRIM-2008 has been downloaded >20,000 times, and has no problems.





SRIM-2013       or      SRIM-2013 (Professional)

SRIM(Standard) is 10 MB                 SRIM(Pro) is 34 MB              

SRIM-2013 contains all of the SRIM calculation software. SRIM(Pro) also has about 500 plots of (Experiment/Theory) stopping that shows the accuracy of SRIM.  These extra plots are not needed for SRIM calculations.

Note: Some Fire-walls, protecting computer networks, will not allow executable files like SRIM-2013.exe to be downloaded from the web. So the download file is called SRIM-2013.e to avoid this problem.

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